Ekonomis – bath cleaner (concentrate)


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Weight 0,681 kg
Measurements 11 × 11 × 11 cm

Concentrated bathroom cleaner (based on citric acid), diluted in a 1: 10 ratio

Cleans limescale, soap residues, other dirt from the walls of the shower cubicle, faucets, bathtub, sink and ceramic tiles. Suitable for chrome surfaces and acrylic bathtubs, etc.
Easy to prepare, because on the supplied empty bottle with a sprayer marked lines to which to pour water and concentrate.

Why use EKONOMIS concentrates?

1) quality, because it contains additives that improve the cleaning properties, making the surface shiny, longer-lasting clean.
2) economy, because 3 liters of ready-to-use product are obtained, and the price of 0.5 liters is only about 0.65 eur.
3) time saving, because you won’t have to go to the store 5 times to buy a cleaner when it suddenly runs out.
4) ecology, because when buying concentrate, you will not buy 6 plastic bottles that you will later throw away, but only one.
5) if the surface is heavily contaminated, a cleaner with a stronger concentration can be made.
6) easy to use, because the stopper with the dispenser, and on the label of the supplied empty bottle with the dispenser is marked up to how much water to pour and up to how much concentrate.
7) reliable because Made in Lithuania !