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It is possible, but we recommend that you check with the equipment dealer.

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Wait until water runs out of the clogged sink. Then add ~0.5 l of boiling water and two Stoppers of boiling granules to the drain hole and pour a small amount of boiling water over again, at the same time washing off the granules that remained on the grate. After a few, rinse with tap water.

In run-off systems, under the run-off grate, there is always a curved s-shaped pipe containing about 300 ml of water, through which the stench of the sewer does not enter the room. This is where the poured boiling water stays, which activates the added granules by mixing and displacing the cold water.

There should be no water in order for the granules with boiling water to enter the siphon. Wait until the water runs out or pump with a dedicated pump. You can still try to insert some kind of needle or screwdriver into the run – off hole itself or into each hole in the grill-this can help the water run off. Of course, it is important that you use the boiling granules later according to the instructions.

Boiling granules do not destroy lime. Other EKONOMIS tools are available to clean limescale: hygienic cleaners for the bathroom or for the bathroom.

A pack of 250 g, when used according to the instructions, will be enough for about 8 times.

These boiling granules require a very small amount to achieve the result, and therefore the impact on nature is significantly less.

Try the procedure written in the instruction, repeat more times, should help.