EKONOMIS 100% natural detergent with food grade soda


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Measurements 6,5 × 6,5 × 21,5 cm


Product description

EKONOMIS detergent with food grade soda is perfect and safe for cleaning kitchen surfaces, washing baby dishes, toys, pacifiers. The cleaning agent is also perfect for washing fruits and vegetables. The tool is convenient to use because it has a nozzle, it can easily and quickly spray the cleaner on the desired surface, does not foam and therefore is easily rinsed.

Checked by dermatologists, allergists!


Spray on dishes or sponge, brush and rinse with warm water. Keep in a place inaccessible to children. Dispose of the contents/container in accordance with the statutory requirements. Ingredients: 5-15% trisodium citrate 2-hydrate ( sodium salt of citric acid), 5-15% sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)),<NBN 5% glycerin (glycerine).